Parallax Web Development

Our web artisans employing parallax web design to bring a more appealing and interactive level of online browsing.

  • Next generation HTML5 & CSS3 technologies
  • More credible & reliable websites
  • Alluring 3D visual effects
  • A touch of reality to your brand
  • Illustrative & Impactful conversation with customers

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Parallax Web Design Services

Our web designers at CGColors are always looking for cool and unique ways to enhance the user experience. Parallax web design, often called parallax scrolling, is the latest trend gaining significant momentum in the website design community. It is a technique that creates the illusion of depth for the viewers by having background imagery scrolling at a different rate from the foreground images.

Our passion is to create an immersive and highly engaging experiences that truly connect consumers with your brand. Our designers utilize the next generation HTML5 and CSS3 to create stunning parallax designs to awe and impress your users. Let your visitors take control and let them walk through your story in their own pace.

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When To Use Parallax Scrolling

We are your local New York expert parallax designers. Our designers have been developing wonderful websites with parallax ever since its advent. Parallax is a cool technique that dramatically enhances your website design. At CGColors, you work with the best parallax designers in New York.

When to use parallax scrolling

Visual Storytelling

Want your website to tell a better story? Let our parallax designers enhance your site's ability to tell your story by creating an interactive environment for your visitors.

Enhanced Engagement

Want to enhance web visitor engagement? Parallax engages your visitors like no other, piquing their curiosity and enticing their attention to view more of your work.

Drive Visitors To CTA’s

With parallax scrolling, our designers will guide your visitors to a ''final destination'' on the site. We will create one-of-a-kind design for your website to stand out from the crowd.

Customize The Appearance Of Your Business

Parallax scrolling is all about the user experience – which can be a double-edged sword. It can overwhelm your visitors if used incorrectly. We at CGColors, pride ourselves in every part of our craft and give high importance to learning new things. We are here to get an all-round superior level of user experience for your site’s visitor.

Why Choose Us

Next Generation Technologies

Our designers use HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to manipulate multiple layers so that the visuals of a webpage come to life when your user scroll through it.

Better Site Experience

Engagement and interactivity are the two key elements of parallax. Our designers will help your visitors dive into your world and understand your story.

Creating Depth with Parallax

With parallax scrolling, our designers create the illusion of depth, making your visitors feel like they are a part of the scene that entice them to explore further.

A Touch of Reality

Give your products and services a touch of reality, so that the users will be more than happy to share it to their network and even email their friends.