Responsive Web Development

Adjust as per every client’s device – offer unparalleled browsing experience.

  • Create a wonderful user experience on every device
  • Experience increased conversion with more sales
  • Responsive design eliminates duplicate content issues
  • Experience tailor made responsive design services
  • Improve your Google rankings - especially on mobile search

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Responsive Web Design Services

We just don’t design, we design well. We design sites with creative strategy

Your brand’s website is your face in the digital realm. It represents everything that your business signifies. Whether it is the first time visitors or consistent followers, a successful website has to leave an impression that visitors cherish. Responsive web design helps make a lasting impact on your visitors irrespective of the device they browse on.

A professional and appealing website design leads to higher customer retention rate and thus higher conversion as well. There’s no better way to look sharp than responsive.

Responsive web design means your website automatically adjusts to the device it is being viewed upon. So whether it is a phablet, tablet or a smartphone, your users will always get a browsing experience that leaves them spell bound. And with ever increasing mobile devices, you can always deliver a fluid user experience with zero future worries.

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Responsive Design Equals More Responses

Responsive design goes beyond just user interface. It works at the core of online marketing strategy. So, you get a website that is better at eliciting positive response from the visitors. These websites are more likely to convert users into regular customers compared to drab traditional HTML websites.

More traffic

A non-functional website increases bounce rate. In comparison, responsive websites are more engaging and retain more traffic.

Customer Engagement

Easy navigation of a responsive website ensures that customer engagement is superior and they spend more quality time.

Better Rankings

Google recommends responsive design to give its users a good experience. No wonder that search engines give priority to responsive web design

Now is the Time to Choose Mobile Friendly Design

Design Strategy

Your brand’s website is designed right from the scratch with essential design elements as priority. So, you never get off the track in terms of appealing design aspects.

Conversion Oriented

What’s good design and development that doesn’t convert? We create elements and styles that lead to more sales – whether on mobile or desktop.

Social Media Integration

Responsive design in combination with social media platforms is great way to engage your customers. We encourage social sharing on top social networks.

Local SEO

Our team of responsive web developers in New York integrate responsive design with local SEO to give you an upper hand in SERPs and contribute to more sales.

Fluidic Design

Responsive websites are more fluidic and better arranged in grid elements. Also, we use the latest in responsive HTML5 to give your users a cutting-edge experience.

No Compromise Resizing

Forget pixel defects and image hangovers. We create responsive websites and follow with in-depth testing to ensure it shines on every device.

As the mobile devices continue to grow exponentially, more online businesses are realizing the need to go responsive. If not, they lose significant mobile traffic that could otherwise have powered the sales. At CGColors, we specialize in creating custom-made responsive websites that enrich your website with personality irrespective of the device’s resolution.

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