Why mobile responsive email templates are very important?

In this mobile era, smart phones are on an ascent towards the summit of e-marketing. The current metrics report that almost 47% of the emails are being opened in mobile phones. The mobile users are multitudinous in comparison to the desktop users. Undoubtedly it is the portable nature of the mobile phone which makes it the most convenient medium. As mobile users are more in number thus if the services provided are not mobile friendly then the company shall lose a large number of valuable users.

Here are a few other inarguable points that can show the importance of responsive email templates.

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 customise-layoutCustomized layouts:

Thus responsive email designs or templates are being adapted in almost every business. Although emails can be opened comfortably in a small screen now, however it was different a decade back. Shrinked to small fonts, disrupted layouts and tapered columns, mobile emails were pretty much unusable. Thus the responsive email templates are replacing these traditional technologies. Responsive Email design comprises of media queries, images and layouts, making customized copy for emails that can be opened in both mobile phones as well as desktops. It exhibits high end flexibility to customize layouts to display contents easily without much scrolling.

mobile-responsive-designChances of lead conversion:

With the constant use of smart phones, it becomes more convenient to check emails via the responsive email designs. Consequently with a better user experience, the chances of lead conversion become higher.

latest-updatesUpdated with the latest emails:

One can easily remain updated about the latest incoming emails. With an increased opening rate of our smart phones, we can keep a track on every email. Bringing exclusive offers, Responsive email templates leverages E-mail marketing.

instant-usersInstant user engagement:

Knowing about the preferences of the customers allows you to form an idea how to proceed with the email promotions. One should notice those who are being adopted hastily so that one can respond properly. Larger fonts, larger images. Or one column layouts should be incorporated in order to improve the performance of email.

Time-and-Money-savingTime and Money saving:

With Responsive mobile email templates, you will no longer need to spend extra time and money to buy separate templates for different devices. Simply, because one single Responsive email designs can fit in all devices. Thus the time saved can be used to spend on a qualitative content and subject line. Businesses should thus embrace this new technology in order to run seamlessly in this competitive e commerce market. With the progress of time we can all assess the coherence of this technology in the long run.

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Josh MuaWhy mobile responsive email templates are very important?

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