Top 20 Marketing Techniques to Promote Jewelry Store (Shopify)

Marketing your jewelry business can be lot easier if you have multiple tricks to try and see which one works best in your favor. So, we have compiled a list of techniques you can use to market your shopify jewelry store without spending a fortune.

1. Gift Cards

Jewelry is still one of the most popular gift option and people spend lots of money to buy the gift for their loved ones. You can take advantage of this and give user an easy way to gift the jewelry to friend or family using your site. You can also sell gift cards on your website which can be bought and send to friend to buy the jewelry of their choice.
Recommended Shopify App for Gift Card

2. Look Book

Promote the jewelry through complete look-book. It is collection of images of your products where you can use models to showcase the jewelry. Seeing the jewelry on a real person gives user a better reason to buy that.
Recommended Shopify App for Lookbook

3. Abandon Cart Recovery

Almost 50% of user on any jewelry store leave the site with products in their cart without completing the order. There are many reasons behind that such as high shipping rates, changed their mind, difficult checkout process, switch to some other more important work etc. You can target those users by installing abandon cart recovery app/plugin on your site and send them better offer afterwards on their email address or ask if they need help in completing the order. Shopify provides abandon cart recovery in their plus plan so moving to plus plan can help your business.
Recommended Shopify App for Abandon Cart Recovery

4. Return Policy

Having the good return policy in place can help your customers in a big way. As people are buying the product online they are always afraid if they don’t like the product, can they return the product or exchange that. Not having the clear return policy can be a big turnoff for jewelry buyers.
Download Return/Refund Policy Template

5. Popups

Coupon code popups are great. They keep users on your website and entice them to use the coupon and get big savings on products. You can also use exit intent popup to prevent user closing your site. It’s important to give a great offer to user who is planning to close your site. Offer should be strong enough to stop user from closing the site and place an order.
Recommended Shopify App for Exit Popup
Pop-Up Window
Privy – Free email popups with exit intent
Wheelio – World First Interactive Exit Intent Pop-up

6. Referral Program

This is common that users want to show their jewelry to friends and relatives. You can give commission or discount to users when they refer your website to their friends and their friend buys any product from your jewelry store.
Recommended Shopify App for Referral Program
Rewards and Referrals by Swell
Conjured Referrals

7. Product Image

Having the great product Jewelry looks better if you place it on models. So you should add model based jewelry images in all products. If possible than provide web cam facility to users so they can take live trial on their face. It can help you to boost your revenue and sales. Products images quality should be good which can motivate users to buy your jewelry products.
How to take stunning product pictures – tutorial

8. Product Recommendation

Show similar products in the bottom of the product page. It can make your website more user friendly and help to increase sales and revenue.
Recommended Shopify App for product recommendation
Personalized Recommendations
Directed Edge Product Recommender

9. Live Chat

Live chat is winning all hearts. Customers love live chat as they can get the answer to their questions easily without wasting so much time to find an answer to their basic question. Live chat increases the sales also help expediting the order process for customers as they have one real person on every page to help them completing the order.
Recommended Shopify App for Live Chat
Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) by Combidesk
Free live chat + 24/7 automated bot
Tidio Live Chat

10. Customer Support & FAQ

You should add customer support email and phone number (recommend toll free number) in the footer area so user can easily ask their questions and issues. You can add FAQ section or link for common questions.
Recommended Shopify App for Customer Support

11. Order Tracking

It’s the best practice to provide order tracking feature on the website so user can easily track their order. It will reduce the extra burden on order processing team to answer every person where their products are right now and when can they expect to be delivered to their doorstep.
UPS/USPS/FedEx already have api’s to provide order tracking status and these api’s can be integrated within the ecommerce store to provide customers an option to track the orders.
You can send order tracking number along with order confirmation email. We can help you setting this up so if you need help, please contact us.
Recommended Shopify Apps for Order Tracking
Trackr – Shipping Tracking Page
Order Lookup
Tracktor by ShopPad

12. Upsell Offers

Upsell offers works well with jewelry stores as well. You can give some discounts to people who buy more than one product or give something free if they X number of products. There are many ways to upsell your jewelry products you just need to think what offer will work best for your customers.
Recommended Shopify App for Upsell
Product Upsell
Upsell Hero – Upsell Offers
In Cart Upsell by Awesome Software

13. Email Marketing

After collecting customer emails from popup (exit intent popup, time popup, scroll popup), order sign-up, email newsletter sign-up send them offers, coupons and relevant products with call to action button and beautiful images, you can start doing the email marketing. Email marketing is not dead yet. You can send weekly or monthly newsletters with new products and offers. These weekly or monthly e-newsletters can increase the sales upto 5%-10%.
Recommended Shopify App for Email Marketing
MailChimp for Shopify
eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest
Klaviyo Email Marketing for Shopify

14. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a popular social media platform where people share their pictures and videos and are used to checking beautiful pictures of people and products. Instagram is repetitively proving that it’s great platform for jewelry store owners as the audience on this app mostly young people who are always trying to look best and great jewelry can definitely help.
Recommended Shopify App for Instagram
Instagram shop by Snapppt

15. Facebook marketing

You should do regular posting on your fan page, you can connect here your most of the jewelry audience. You can also try Facebook paid campaigns which are not expensive.

16. Pinterest Marketing

Though pinterest is not like instagram where you can sell your products but pinterest surely help bringing traffic to your site which can result into good number of customers. It’s important you promote your jewelry effectively on pinterest. Make sure your product title is compelling and can attract these eyeballs.
Recommended Shopify App for PinterestPinterest

17. Sale on third party sites (Amazon, eBay)

Though you have pretty impressive shopify ecommerce store and sales are pretty good, you cannot simply ignore sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay. These portals can bring lots customers to you and many jewelers have mentioned that they make more sales on these third party sites than their own store.
Recommended Shopify Apps…
ByteStand – Amazon to Shopify in one click

18. SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engine optimization is one of the best way to promote the website and if get the good SEO ranking results will last for a longer period of time. SEO is the most powerful way to bring customers and customer acquisition cost through SEO way lesser than the other mediums but initially it takes lots of time and effort to reach to the first page.
Recommended Shopify App for SEO
Plug in SEO
SEO Manager

19. PPC (Google Adwords)

PPC is the faster way to get the customers to your store but it comes with the steep price. You will be competing with other people to show your ads and price usually remain $10/per click for jewelry industry which is quite high. PPC is a good start for the jewlery who recently launched the store and need some quick customers.

20. Multiple Payment Method

You should provide multiple payment methods during checkout like PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon, Debit Card, it can help you to convert more users.

We hope that our list of shopify apps will help your shopify jewelry to get succeed.

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