Environmental Clean Air

About the Company

Environmental clean air is dedicated to providing clean air solution for a wide variety of indoor air quality problems. They address contaminant respiratory airborne like welding smoke, oil mist, cigarette smoke etc. by offering wide selection of dust collectors, mist collectors, welding booths, electronic filters, air cleaning and filtration equipment’s that meet the demands of today’s industry and it formulates with a unique approach to providing clean air across a variety of sectors.

Problem statements

Environmental clean air came onboard with us for getting their old website redesigned .

There are a number of reasons why they wanted to get their old site redesigned from us:

  1. Website design was outdated and wasn’t mobile friendly
  2. There were not enough call to action buttons to convert visitors into customers
  3. Speed was a major issue with their old site

How did we improve upon

  1. Re-designed the site keeping their audience in mind
  2. Made their website mobile and SEO friendly using WordPress
  3. Optimized the site speed by compressing the css, .js and images
  4. Added the CTA to convert more visitors in to customers
  5. Integrated the HubsSpot for capturing the leads and stopping the spam submissions
  6. Created PPC landing pages for their paid campaigns
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