Core PHP

We are passionate about Core PHP. We craft PHP development services that exceed your expectations

  • Minimum development and maintenance cost
  • Supports various platforms such as Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • Embeds effortlessly into HTML
  • Compatible with servers like Apache and IIS
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    Core PHP

    There are quite many open-source platforms available to develop a website, but among them, PHP is every developer’s favorite. The majority of websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo use PHP for web development. The primary benefit of PHP is that pages using this platform are developed swiftly because scripts are refined on the server before being sent to the browser.

    We at CG Colors based in New York, provide PHP development services. Our Core PHP developers can develop any website, basic or complex, according to your requirements. All our web developments are based on the latest technology standards, offer maximum ROI, and minimize overall development costs.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Benefits of Core PHP development

    • Extensive Knowledge

      Our knowledge of modern-day technologies allows us to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and functional PHP website.

    • Customized Solutions

      We understand the best PHP framework for your requirements will depend on your goals. We won’t try fitting you into a box.

    • Experienced Team

      Our experience can be leveraged for you, to help you troubleshoot existing systems, or re-engineer them with the latest practices.

    • Superior Service

      From conception to completion of a project you can count on clear communication and expectations, and satisfying results.

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