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Magento SEO service to increase your brand awareness and conversions

Magento 2 has improved the core architecture of SEO of Magento. However, any e-commerce platform regardless of how robust and reliable it is does not function well without the proper SEO plan to back it up.

We understand every business is unique so we have created tailor-made SEO and marketing packages for Magento stores.

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    Magento SEO Services

    Search engine optimization is the process of applying various strategies to make your store rank in the top 3 positions for your selected keyword that you think your audience may search to find your products/services.

    Ever since its launch, Magento has empowered thousands of retailers and brands through its open-source e-commerce platform, but it provides store owners with a challenging SEO platform to work on.

    Our in-house team of copywriters and Magento SEO experts have made it possible to rank your Magento stores higher on Search engines and even make them perform better than WooCommerce and Shopify.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have our offices in Delaware and New York. Since we provide 24 x 7 support, we have designers and developers around the world.

    Why Choose Us for Magento Store SEO?

    • Keyword Analysis

      A keyword analysis is the core of an SEO plan. We perform comprehensive keyword analysis as per your business requirement and market demand. Building a keyword strategy is a must to generate higher leads and conversions.

    • Competitor Analysis

      As a part of our Magento SEO services, we also perform competitor analysis to find out what your competitor doing to rank on the first page and even if it is working for them. If something is working for them it is most likely to work for you as well.

    • Content Optimization

      Content is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing or SEO. We have a special service that makes a huge impact in implementing search engine optimization strategies. Our Magento SEO services offer content writing services that are keyword targeted.

    • Speed Optimization

      We optimize your website’s speed so that it loads faster. The speed of your website is directly related to user experience. A fast-loading website gives you much better conversion rates.

    • On-Page and off page SEO Setup

      SEO is mainly divided into two parts: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. We take care of both. We are experts at writing meta tags, image alt tags, site speed optimization, and more to make sure your Magento store has solid on-page SEO.

    • Off-Page SEO Setup

      Link building activities and social media marketing are a part of our Magento SEO services as it gives your website a good amount of traffic. We strictly follow white hat practices.

    • Social Media Optimization

      We manage social media for you and give a boost to your website traffic. Our search engine optimization team will help you in making the best social presence of the products which you are selling because the impact of social media is critical to website performance.

    • Pay Per Click

      We also manage your Adwords, Facebook, and LinkedIn campaign and monitor them. Assuring that your campaign is well optimized and is giving you the best return on your investment.

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