Magento Theme Customization

Get your Magento store tailored to provide the perfect shopping experience to your visitors. Share the theme you have bought and we'll customize it to make it tailor-made for your business. When we do customization we keep conversion optimization in mind.

At CGColors our Magento services leverage the tools and technical expertise at our disposal to design exceptional Magento e-commerce stores for you. With our Magento theme customization services, we'll optimize your online store for maximum ROI.

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Need Help with Magento Theme Customization

    Magento Theme Customization

    Our team at CgColors closely understands your requirements and creates the strategy to customize the Magento theme keeping your requirements in mind.

    Customizing a theme will help you seperating other businesses using the same Magento theme Our Magento developers adhere to a set of guidelines when it comes to Magento Theme Customization, and ensure that your Magento theme;

    • Mirrors your products and industry
    • Delivers a user-friendly experience
    • Works well in popular web browsers
    • Applies social update features and is responsive

    Why Choose Us?

    • Convert your theme into tailor made site

      Want to change the look of your Magento theme? We are known for our Magento theme customization capabilities. We’ll customize your theme to make it look like it is tailor-made for your business

    • Features your business need

      Themes are loaded with standard features to fulfill most of the needs of any business, but we understand that every business is unique so we fill the gap by building features only your business need.

    • We care about your theme

      We take utmost care of your theme and make sure that the core architecture of theme is intact so future updates of the theme wouldn’t break the custom features we are going to build on top of the default theem.


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