Shopify SEO and SEM Services

Targetting the long term ROI through SEO

We create the SEO strategy to give your brand long-term ROI with much better results over a period of time. Let me break the MYTH SEO is not dead yet. It still works really well but now it takes longer to rank on highly competitive keywords. The minimum timeframe needed for SEO is somewhere between 3-6 months but the results are promising and are going to stay longer

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    Shopify SEO and SEM Services

    We provide result-oriented search engine optimization and search engine marketing services. Being a result-oriented digital marketing agency, we focus heavily on making more money for our clients and creating the right strategy for your brand. We cover keyword ranking, brand awareness, social media influencers, and media mentions in our SEO and SEM services to keep things simple.

    Our SEO services will not only get you the rank on the first page and drive traffic but build the brand awareness that can be harnessed into building a loyal fan base

    Partnerships with influencers that we use to create brand awareness and increase conversions. Our efforts have made a huge impact on our clients.

    Pay to win (PPC) services revolve around SEO to make a greater and long-lasting impact on users. Through our PPC efforts, we target new users and show ads to the frequent visitors of the website at a cheaper rate to increase the per customer value over the period and turn them into loyal customers.



    Shopify SEO Services To Bring Customers

    We don't just drive traffic to your store instead we target the audience who are going to be your customer. We'll do SEO, run PPC campaign,s and chase media to feature your products on their site, magazines, and more.

    • High Authority Backlinks

      We’ll create high authority backlinks for your shopify store that will help in search engine rankings. Our outreach team will contact hundreds of bloggers, magazine to write about your products and brand.

    • Paid Campaign Management

      (Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon And Etsy Paid Campaigns)
      Our PPC experts will create lead conversion campaigns for your business on Google Adwords, Facebook, twitter, ebay, Amazon and etsy. We’ll make sure that your campaigns are well optimized to bring 3x value from Paid Campaigns.

    • Content Marketing

      Content is king and we have great content marketing team which will write quality content for your business. Our content marketing experts will ensure that your new product launch reaches the right audience and keep them interested in your product.

    • Influencer Marketing

      We have build good relationship with influencers to promote our client’s products. We’ll run the influencer marketing campaign to increase the reach of your business thus the ROI.

    • Local SEO

      Have a physical store, we’ll do Local SEO to bring customers to your store’s doorstep and seamlessly connect your physical store with online store so they have seamless experience on both the places.

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