Shopify Zoho Integration

Have you recently launched your website using Shopify platform? And wondering which CRM solution you need to integrate with your Shopify? There are several CRM options available for integration in the market. But Zoho CRM offers a wide array of features at an inexpensive price as compared to other CRMs. Zoho CRM comes with a sturdy email marketing tool and some great customizable web forms that help to attract leads on your shopping website. It also offers the best and robust reporting functionality. Shopify Zoho CRM integration is a convenient way to enhance sales and have access to customer data from Shopify platform so that CRM team can make better use of that data to get more leads.

Mostly anyone running an online business knows double-entry is a necessity - or, at least, it was at one point. The reason for this is when your orders take place in one system, but they need to be reconciled with data in another system, there is sometimes a disconnect between those two systems. In the case of a Zoho CRM Shopify integration, no out-of-the-box solution exists, and users simply have to look elsewhere for a fix for this problem... And, time you spend manually entering transaction data across platforms is time that would undoubtedly be better spent doing anything else related to your business.

In the battle of your business versus the passing of time, you deserve a true Zoho Shopify integration, not something cobbled together. To that end, we at CgColors will design an integration that gives you back your time, and allows you to do what you do best: run your business.

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    Shopify Zoho Integration

    The Zoho Shopify CRM integration gives your business the ability to build comprehensive customer profiles for targeted marketing messages. Unlike some of the other Shopify CRM apps, the Shopify and Zoho CRM integration provides insightful data on your leads, customers, and prospective leads, allowing you to segment your marketing messages for more personalized and effective communication.

    What will our Developers do for you?

    • Broad Expertise

      We are specialized in Salesforce Development, Administration, Integration & Data migration to give your organization the leading edge.

    • Efficiency

      Implementing workflow automation should speed you up, not slow you down. That’s why our team of developers promises to choose the most efficient route possible when building your tech solution. They’ll get their work done on time so that you can focus on yours.

    • Zoho’s CRM Solutions

      We offer outstanding expertise in SaaS/ Mobile Solutions, Business Intelligence & Security. Our customized business solutions will drive your company to real results.

    • Customer-Facing Support

      Our developers will support your project every step of the way. In fact, our developers at CgColors are often involved in client meetings and know how to translate your non-techy asks into technical deliverables. You don’t have to speak a coding language to be able to connect with our developers.

    • Compliant

      Your business’s security and privacy are our topmost priority. Our team is well-versed in industry-specific data protection measures and regulations. Rest assured that we will put the right systems in place to keep your important information safe and secure.

    • Evolution

      We will make sure that the Zoho and Shopify CRM integration provided by us offers online retailers an efficient way to handle the various information that needs to cross between a company’s e-commerce platform and their CRM. Zoho CRM will equip you with the digital tools to easily and efficiently manage your company’s communication with customers.

    • End-To-End Services

      Our experienced team of Zoho integrates Zoho with your existing system. They also develop easy to install plugins with rigorous testing to remove bugs.

    • Skilled Team

      We have a dedicated and commendable team of developers who are skilled in Zoho CRM development.

    • Zoho Consultation and Implementation

      We provide detailed recommendations and an implementation plan for the complete Zoho suite to fulfill your unique business needs with industry best practices. Our agile development methodology includes step-by-step implementation and post-implementation support.

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