WordPress Maintenance & Support

We provide great support and maintenance to keep you focused on the business side and we take care of every nitty-gritty of your website and keep that well maintained.

  • Daily website backup on cloud servers in the USA
  • Regular WordPress plugins and WordPress version update
  • Two hours of design and development support
  • Monthly detailed report about your site's health
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Need Help with WordPress Maintenance & Support


    WordPress Maintenance & Support

    Are you looking for a reliable WordPress Maintenance and Support Agency?

    Is your site down? Has it been hacked? Are you getting spam emails? or something is wrong with your site? Chat with us now. We’ll help you. We have WordPress specialists to make sure that you have support around the clock.

    • 24/7 WordPress Support and Maintenance
    • Need One-Time Help with WordPress Theme or Plugin
    • Something Wrong with Your Website?
    • Looking for a White-Label WordPress Maintenance Package

    Unlike other agencies, we don’t just rely on technology to automatically update the plugins and WordPress instead we double-check everything before updating them to ensure that your site doesn’t experience any difficulties.

    We have white-label plans for digital marketing agencies wherein we’ll all the Knitty-gritty of your client websites and keep them updated all the time. We have great offers from Digital marketing agencies.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have our offices in Delaware and New York. Since we provide 24 x 7 support, we have designers and developers around the world.

    I know it is difficult to guess. Please send us list of things you really need help with and we’ll give you estimate of number of hours help you would need each month
    Send us an email from your email on our file and we’ll cancel your maintenance plan.
    Maintenance plan will be cancelled immediately and we’ll charge on pro rata basis if we are in the middle of the month.
    Yes, we offer on multi-store maintenance plan and discount depends upon for how many stores you are looking for maintenance plan.
    Yes, we have carefully curated maintenance plans for agencies. You will love them.
    Yes, we'll fix the bugs. We'll send a tentative timeline for fixing the bugs and if your maintenance plan have enough hours to cover the timeline to fix bugs, you wouldn't pay anything extra, but if exceeds the quote you will have to buy more hours.
    We are still working from home so it becomes difficult for us to do the in-person meetings until it is absolute necessary.  

    We'll always be connected with you and jump on a zoom call whenever needed. We are quite prompt with our replies and jump on anything you throw at us. We are just call/email/zoom away.

    Please book online meeting using this link and we'll jump on a call with you


    Why Choose CGColors For WordPress Maintenance and Support

    • 24/7 Support

      We provide 24/7 support and maintenance to make sure we jump on a task as soon as it gets assigned to us instead of putting that in a queue for a couple of days like other agencies.

    • Security Check

      Our team of WordPress security experts will review your site’s security every day to make sure your site is fully secure.

    • Free Hosting & SSL

      Traditional hosting providers let your business down on many fronts, be it site speed, site security, or support. We provide fast hosting servers, great support, and SSL for FREE.

    • Timely Backup

      Daily backup of your website to help your site get restored with a single click if something goes wrong. A backup will be saved on the Amazon S3 server.

    • Website Regular Backup

      We provide regular backups to keep your site in perfect shape. Our WordPress website maintenance experts will back up your site to our secure server every day for complete peace of mind.

    • WordPress and Plugins Update

      We’ll weekly update the WordPress and plugins to make sure that your site is up to date. We make sure that your custom functionality built by you or your developer doesn’t get affected by the updates.

    • Site Speed Optimization

      We’ll optimize your site speed by compressing the CSS, javascript, and images.

    • Weekly Report

      Weekly report to update you about plugins and theme updates, website visitor information, and keyword ranking report.

    • Complete Malware Removal

      Sign up with our maintenance plans and we’ll remove the malware from your site and strengthen the security to avoid this happening again.

    • Design and Development Help

      Free monthly WordPress expert hours for providing awesome design or development support. You can buy more hours if needed.

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