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Are you thinking to learn more about Zoho or are you thinking about choosing Zoho as your CRM? We have got the best solution for you. Our Zoho consultant will walk you through the process of it.

Do you know why Zoho can be a really profitable business choice? Zoho is a brand of web based CRM (customer relationship management) system. It allows a company to track and probe through business leads, forecast sales and efficiently manage contacts so that the organisations can focus on delivering value to the customers and put their satisfaction quotient higher.

The best part is zoho CRM integration is available in both web and mobile formats. We at CgColors as Zoho consultant have set up Zoho for multiple organisations, and not to forget it offers bundles of features.

Our Zoho consultant has hands-on experience in customising the Zoho CRM across different businesses. We at CgColors will modify and extend the Zoho CRM beyond its capabilities & functionality and deliver the exact results required.

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    Zoho Consultants

    Our Zoho consultant can help you in extending the functionality of your Zoho account by providing multi-levels of Zoho CRM customization services. These services include;

    • Page-levelcustomization
    • Page layout customization
    • Field setting customization
    • Templates customization
    • Customise dashboards, reports & views
    • Workflows & blueprint customization

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Zoho Is a Price Competitive Proposition

      One of the key advantages is the pricing it offers to its customers. Compared to the other CRMs in the market, Zoho integration is on the lower side of the pricing.

    • Zoho Allows for An Open API

      This means external end users can integrate the application into it. It gives far more freedom and ability to the customers to help themselves and also use the system more efficiently.

    • Zoho Automates the Sales Operation

      It is one of the biggest advantages that it automates the daily sales task. It converts the web visitors into leads and imports the prospective customer’s contacts which are collected from external sources. The organization can check their customers’ purchase history to know if they can up-sell or cross-sell a product.

    • Zoho Employs the Power ofSocial Media

      The most unique feature of Zoho is to hunt through the heaps of information from social media portals. Social media gives a lot of significant leads. Zoho CRM developers can integrate products and services directly to the social media portals as it follows customer behavior and recognizes potential customers to find out leads and contacts for the sales reps.

      We at CgColors as Zohoconsultants will guide you through the versatile services Zoho CRM provides.

    We as Zoho consultants will provide you with.

    • Building Custom Layouts

      We as Zohoconsultants will build custom layouts thatlet you create your layouts for each new process & setting up the workflows to take the desired action.

    • Creating Secondary Form

      So that you can relate your data to the right context. Link your multiple entries within a single record using subforms.

    • Association

      Link record across multiple channels, and build unique relationships between them.

    • Building Custom Functions

      You can set up the functions, when it matches certain criteria, it automatically sets the necessary action and automates your process.

    • Creating Filters and Views

      Views are useful for lists and are used more than once. Filters can be used to choose and change conditions to get the desired data.

    • Multi-Lingual Support

      Offers multi-lingual support usingthe transition feature. Avoids language barriers in your work.

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