Shopify and Quickbooks Integration

Did you know that a Shopify Quickbooks integration is the ideal system for eCommerce accounting?

It's true, Quickbooks is simply the best accounting software for Shopify. It's one of the most accurate ways to save money. In order to stay organised and keep your books up to date, you need to integrate Shopify with Quickbooks.

Your inventory orders, customers and shipping are automatically updated and accurate. This integration is a powerful long-term approach that your business needs to leverage in order to prosper in the present competitive environment. Coming on board with CgColors, we will make sure that the integration helps set up workflows to what your business needs.

We at CgColors make it easy for Shopify merchants to sync their site and Intuit Quickbooks accounting software.

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    Shopify and Quickbooks Integration

    Every retailer, no matter what product they’re selling, needs to keep records of their orders, invoices, returns, customer data, purchase order receipts, etc., in an accounting or ERP system. That’s just a reality of doing business.

    And when you’re selling online, and your store is succeeding, that requires a lot of manual data entry back and forth between business systems. Unless of course, you have an integration solution that can take care of your data for you.

    At CgColors, we can pull the order data from your Shopify store, convert it into an XML format that is both human readable and machine readable, and output it into your Intuit QuickBooks accounting package. And we can transfer your shipping and tracking info back into your Shopify store, and make sure inventory levels are updated to reflect the changes in both systems.



    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Shopify Quickbooks integration

    • Synchronize Your Sales, Product And Customer Data

      Shopify and Quickbooks complement each other. Synchronization between both of them is key. If your store is successfully selling your products, but is disconnected from your accountancy, you will eventually have to create a link via a human task. Which is time consuming and more prone to errors.
      If you integrate both of them, the human task is replaced by automation. Now your invoices and payments keep pace with your orders. Your inventory management is updated in real time, based on your orders. All your products and customer data are organised in a complete manner becoming useful information.

    • Keeps Your Accounting Accurate And Up To Date.

      An accountancy that is coordinated with your sales in an automated manner, gives you an accurate and up to date source of information, also it reduces time and effort with reconciliations in Quickbooks.

    • Obtain A True View Of Your Business

      Accurate an updated information is foundational to good business decisions. How to plan sales or production if you cannot know how many product units you have in inventory? How to plan your taxes if your sales are not accurately and timely represented in your books?
      An integrated source of data captures the wider picture in which the totality of the reality of your business can be framed, giving you a true view of your business.
      CgColor’s Shopify and QuickBooks Integration provides a simple and easy solution to synchronize order and fulfillment of data from multiple channels with QuickBooks, optimizing your order-to-cash process.
      Creating an integration process is easy with CgColors.

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