How Can Custom Magento Development Help E-Commerce Stores Fare Better

Few would disagree that the burgeoning trend in E-Commerce makes it one of the most ruling industries in the present times. Its supremacy speaks over its incredible range of products that it can sell online, be it for huge Electronics and gadgets to perishable items like groceries and readymade foods. E-Commerce has surpassed the traditional business standards with solutions that complement affordability for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Taking into consideration, the brilliant future, that E-Commerce industry promises us, it is quite imperative to use a platform that leverage the experience in E-Commerce dealings. Magento is irrefutably one such platform that can render the best solutions to different E-commerce aspects. It is written in PHP, and integrated with Zend Framework elements with My SQL relational DBMS and implements the custom Object oriented technology and MVC architecture. To simplify the intricate E-commerce related operations, Magento expert designers examine the functioning of enterprises accommodated with third party solutions.

Understanding that an unparalleled E-Commerce Environment can make customers feel impeccably satisfied with its shopping session, Magento experts offer great features that can guarantee an unprecedented customer satisfaction.

Few of the features are as follows:

custom magento development features

  • Content Management System:  Magento website development instills  you the power to create your own attractive contents for your E-Commerce website. Using it, you can change the contents of your product images, descriptions or other contents. The easy adding, deleting, and updating options make your experience with Magento exceptional even without any prior knowledge on Coding or other relevant technologies.
  • Responsive Website Designing: With the upsurge in the number of mobile users, Responsive website design promises your business to reach across a plethora of mobile users. Responsive styles ensure your website to have flexible layouts for any size of digital devices. Be it a mobile or a tablet, you can use your website conveniently without re-sizing the font sizes or even un-necessary scrolling that was once evident in the traditional websites.
  • Streamlined Checkout: Magento helps you with an easy checkout process, unlike other E-commerce platforms which often takes a painful amount of time to invest. It reduces abandoning of the cart with its 2 phase check out process.
  • Enhanced Merchandising Experience: You merchandising should exhibit an exemplary standard of customer engagement. Magento does that easily with options like product reviews, recommendation and ratings and a number of rich product images.
  • Easy product search: For customers looking for a specific product, following the layers of options to find it often becomes difficult. Seemingly, Magento offers an easy way to relevantly search the products from a crowd of other products.
  • Satisfied Transaction Experience: The PCI transaction allows all kinds of payment methods including prints or email receipts. This makes customer give a satisfied transaction experience.
  • Omni Channel Accomplishment: Magento provides Omni channel accomplishment for its Merchandisers and traders with a cloud based technology. For people who don’t know what is it. Omni channel refers to the multiple channels a Merchandiser utilizes to upsurge sales either through online, telephone, smart phones or even through traditional retail stores. Thus, you can ship-to store, ship-from the store, and facilitate customers to buy online.

In addition to scores of other features, Magento represents the quintessential platform to cater all the needs of your E-Commerce concern. Hope this write-up gave you clear reasons to hire a Magento development company that can sustain and achieve your future E-commerce goals in the most ideal way. Good Luck!


Josh MuaHow Can Custom Magento Development Help E-Commerce Stores Fare Better

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