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  • July 06, 2016

How to pick best plugin for your WordPress site – CG Colors Inc.

WordPress is one of the best CMS due to its long list of superb plugins which can help you in achieving almost anything with ease or with minimum effort. As WordPress has grown, so has the popularity of plugins. The nature of open-source development allows just about everyone to create … Read More “How to pick best plugin for your WordPress site – CG Colors Inc.”

  • June 17, 2016

10 plugins every WordPress site should have – CGColors

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best content management systems today and its predominance over the IT market is on the upsurge. With an open-source platform, it has attracted tons of developers across the globe. To quote the best, WordPress offers awesome plugins to supercharge your WordPress site by extending … Read More “10 plugins every WordPress site should have – CGColors”

  • March 24, 2015

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store in 2016

WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin This is one of a kind plugin that creates a static html file for your eCommerce Store that needs to dynamic in nature. Features It gives the static files to users who are not logged in or those who have not left a comment on … Read More “Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store in 2016”

  • February 11, 2015

Top 20 Tips to Choose Best WordPress Themes

When we are offered with too many options to choose from, we feel overwhelmed. And most often it results in poor judgment and a faulty decision. The same goes with selecting a WordPress theme. 1. Select your theme with suitable category like real estate, small business, ecommerce, job portal The … Read More “Top 20 Tips to Choose Best WordPress Themes”

  • February 04, 2015

Top 5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

For a budding ecommerce entrepreneur selecting the right shopping cart for their WordPress site can be more than a nerve racking experience. The right combination of plugins will not only facilitate the ecommerce operations but will also help you expand your ecommerce business drastically. We have noted down some of … Read More “Top 5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins”

  • January 06, 2015

Why are WordPress Sites Blocked by Google?

(ILLUSTRATION: DOODER/SHUTTERSTOCK) According to Sucuri reports Google blocked 11,000 sites over 100,000 wordpress sites cause of Malware attack. Research says RevSlider and SoakSoak are responsible for that. Malware Attack: Hackers was able to manage your site and put their website material. Google can drop your organic ranking if your site is infected … Read More “Why are WordPress Sites Blocked by Google?”

  • May 12, 2014

Popular WordPress Design Trends of 2014

Web design trends are changing at a rapid pace that it seems the design trends that was used a year ago is labelled as outdated these days. If you have an outdated website, then your clients would just visit any other website and thus you would lose an existing or … Read More “Popular WordPress Design Trends of 2014”

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