How to fix broken links on Shopify sites

What Causes Broken Links?

Broken links can occur due to various reasons:

  • Incorrect URL Entry: When website owners or visitors enter a misspelled or mistyped URL, it can result in a “404 Page Not Found” error.
  • URL Restructuring: If a website changes its URL structure without setting up proper redirects, clicking on old links may lead to a 404 error.
  • Unavailable External Sites:When external sites linked within a website are no longer available, offline, or deleted without updating internal links, users may encounter broken links.
  • Access Restrictions:Some websites may block access to certain pages or content based on firewalls or geolocation restrictions, resulting in broken links for users outside the permitted access area.
  • Deleted or Removed Content:If links point to content such as PDFs, Google Docs, videos, etc., and those files have been deleted or removed, the links become broken.
  • Page Elements Issues:Broken links can also occur due to issues with page elements like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or interference from CMS plugins.

Key points:

  • Misspelled URLs, URL restructuring, and unavailable external sites can lead to broken links.
  • Access restrictions and deleted content can also cause broken links.
  • Issues with page elements can contribute to broken links.

How to remove broken links on Shopify

Follow these steps to utilize this solution:

  1. Navigate to the “Online Store” tab and select “Navigation.”
  2. Under the “Navigation” section, locate and click on “URL Redirects.”
  3. Choose the option to “Create URL redirect.”
  4. Enter the old URL in the “Redirect from” field and specify the new relevant URL in the “Redirect to” field.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly redirect broken URLs to appropriate and available pages on your Shopify store. This ensures a seamless browsing experience for your customers and maintains the credibility of your website.

Remember to regularly check for broken links on your site. Employing dedicated plugins can automate this process, allowing you to efficiently manage and resolve any broken links that may arise.

In conclusion, Shopify’s built-in redirect solution simplifies the task of handling broken URLs, enabling you to keep your website relevant and reliable. Share your thoughts and challenges in the comment section below, as it helps us tailor our content to better meet your needs.

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